Automatic LOG delete on Endian?

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Automatic LOG delete on Endian?

Andre Mueller

Endian 2.5.1 Community Version:


Today our Endian firewall was going down, as the partition where
/var/log reside was full up to 100%. I was not aware of this circumstance.

Going to the command shell I found plenty of old archived logs, even
later ones than those specified by a 30 days setting. Also I have
configured the settings in order that only refused and bad packets are
logged. Although also the firewall.log was about 1.2 GBytes.

As I did not found any possibility on the Web-Interface to delete the
old logs I did it manually. Is there any other way, in order that old
logs are deleted automatically, when the partition is going to 90%?

I would be grateful for any hint. Thanks in advance, Andre

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