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Dramatically bandwidth limitation

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Hi guys,

I was reading/learning about this solution for about 1 week. After few days of testing I have decided to use the Endian  3.0 community solution.
Scenario 1
Installed on a HP dx2250 machine (AMD 64 bit 3.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 2 x 200 GB RAID1, 3 NIC). Setup eth0 as RED and eth1 as (temporary) GREEN in order to use eth2 for configuring VLAN. After this switch Green an eth2.0 VLAN and use eth1 as failover uplink. All went smoothly and without headache. Activate proxy (transparent both http and https)
First problem: users could not connect to google.com via Chrome browser due to certificate issue. Temporary workaround  use IE (bleah!) ... in the end deactivated https filtering `till a serious solution was found.
BIG problem appear: All users complain about the slow browsing speed: after I have think about the proxy cache (miss&hits) I have check the download speed. In the name of God Almighty, the machine was connected to 2 ISP connections of 30 Mbps each (main and failover uplink) and the download speed hardly reached 1 Mbps !!! instantly disconnect the machine and use a laptop to connect directly through each connection to check the speed. Both are within the normal parameters ~ 30 Mbps dld & 5Mbps up. Revert to Endian machine and check the top command - all resources are maximum @ 10% usage. turn off ALL services - even the proxy. Disable the failover uplink and use only the main uplink . Check again the speed and observe a slightly improvement: instead of 1Mbps I can reach 3 Mbps. Search on internet for a solution to remove the cap limitation, talk with other technical persons. After few hour of research and phone talking I have reach the conclusion that indeed this behaviour could have the cause the hardware. So went to solution 2:

Scenario 2
Prepare a second box - a Dell 230 (CPU Dual Core 3,1 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 2 x 250 GB RAID1; 2 PCI NIC (RTL 8139) + onboard NIC (Intel).
1-st attempt to install - use the nousborpcmcia switch ended in a infinite loop to scanning media issue ...
2-nd install - decided to leave all by default :) ... finally installation ended ... connect to the first setup
add static IP RED eth0 and the default GREEN on eth1 (both on physically PCI NIC) as the 3-rd NIC (Intel onboard is not recognized). Ignore this for the moment to check out the speed: only 5Mbps !!! A slight improvement from the previous box but still as far as the real 30 Mbps !!! No other services are started all settings are default. the top command doesn`t show any hardware limitation.

Switch to the old Huawei hardware router and now I am checking for solutions.

I really want to use this distro as I have seen a lot of potential but i cannot lose 80% of the connection. I see many of us use this solution on boxes with fewer resources and neither of you complain about this issue.

Kindly thanks for any ideas to overpass this problem.