EFW - Problems with network cards , new installations , restoring config files

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EFW - Problems with network cards , new installations , restoring config files

Hi All, we really need an EFW What Every Admin Should Know document.

To that end, and the problem below, I would say that when I move to a
different hardware, or change network cards, and you get that problem
when the network cards Endian is expecting are no longer there... such
as when you restore a backup to a different installation... I do the

I plug a monitor and keyboard into the firewall, and choose the "login
to console" option, then login as "root".  If its a new installation,
you will need to use "endian" if you have not yet set a password.  Use
the command "cd" to change to root, then "cd etc" to get to the "etc"
directory.  Now type the command " rm businfotab " and hit enter...
you will delete the file which holds some of the network card info so
that the network configuration will run next reboot, and detect your

By the way, it is much easier to get everything going if I only put
one network card in at first... then I know it will respond on that
card... I can't finish the config because there is only one card, but
cancel out at the last part of the configuration, but then I shut
down, and install the second network card, or turn it on in bios of
the motherboard, then reboot and it will detect and you can re-run the
network configuration.

I know very little about unix etc, but I'm trying to learn, and
sometimes it is hard to learn from people who can do it in their
sleep. :)

Also, anyone who sees errors or omissions in this please correct it
in reply.  I'm using Endian 5.1 to be exact.  I think the businfotab
file is a different location in earlier Endian versions.

Thanks everyone, and all the best!

- Chad

eurlsn> The server I had my endian install had failed. Luckily I had
eurlsn> an identical server handy so I swapped out the drives and
eurlsn> network cards to the spare server and got it up and running.

eurlsn> But now the green and orange network cards cannot connect to
eurlsn> the respective networks, and the Mac address for the green nic shows all zeros.

eurlsn> Is there a way I can reset the network cards via the shell?

eurlsn> Thanks in advance.

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