Endian 3.0.5 beta install hangs at blue screen

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Endian 3.0.5 beta install hangs at blue screen

I am trying to set up a new router/firewall.  I downloaded the 3.0.5 beta ISO and burned it to disk.  When I boot the system I get the initial text screens starting the process but then I get a blue screen and the system just hangs.  My USB keyboard also goes dead.  The numlocks light goes out just as the blue screen comes up.

I have had the same issue with trying to install untangle.  I have been able to instal IP Fire and OPNsense.  Those have worked fine so I don't think it's a bad hardware problem. 

This is the board I am trying to use:  http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/NF9HG.html
It's a Celeron N2930
I have 2 GB ram installed
I have an 8gb mSata card installed.

There are not a lot of settings in the bios and I do have the most recent version of bios. 

Any Ideas if I can get this working?

Kent Warden


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