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Installing Samba

Hello Endian,

first of all compliment for the great product, it really installed
like a breeze and now it rocks.

But... I need to install samba. I know, I know, it's a firewall and it
should do only that. But I'm using it at home and I don't have another
pc for the file server. So, I need to install it.

The distribution comes with rpm and yum, great, having also a minimum
yum repository would be help however. I've looked for it on your site
but wasn't able to find anything. Therefore, I've installed a few
packages (a calci e pugni :-), I know you'll understand it), and I'm
not completely sure that the system is still stable. But for samba the
whole initscripts are different and rpm is complening too much (I'm
using the rpms for Core 3, altough I suppose the system is based on RH
Enterprise, right?).

So, is there any easy way to install samba on the machine?

Thanks a lot,
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