MTU setting for IPSEC VPN network-to-network tunnel?

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MTU setting for IPSEC VPN network-to-network tunnel?

Andre Mueller

Endian-Version: 2.5.1 Community


Since years we have a stable IPSEC VPN network to network connection to
connect our main- and branch offices. Some days ago we have changed at
our main location the uplink connection from cable-modem to fibre
(branch offices are connected over ADSL). Since there we have some
troubles at the branch offices for data traffic over the VPN connection
that stops suddenly without VPN connection are going down. The symptoms
are suggesting the problem is likely to be related to a MTU mismatch on
the VPN-tunnel. Is there any possibility to set the MTU on the Endian
only for the VPN-IPSEC "interface" and not for the uplink in general, as
for connections from the uplink (red) to orange and green are working

Thank you very much in advances, best regards,

André Müller

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