OpenVPN client gw2gw NAT

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OpenVPN client gw2gw NAT

I am using 3.0.5 b1 and I have a gw2gw tunnel  (TUN, NAT, UDP, LZO)
When I egress my network I can see that my outbound default NAT is correct and working as expected.  What I am trying to do is port NAT the inbound OpenVPN NAT IP on UDP/TCP port 33333 to an inside IP on GREEN of

I've tried Port Forwarding DNAT, however it does not seem to work.

 Incoming IP is name of OpenVPN tunnel, Service is TCP+UDP/33333 (simple) Translate to  ALLOW with IPS from <ANY>

Can someone explain if this is 1) possible, 2) point me to a doc that explains how it works, 3) help me :)

As an FYI, I am able to do this properly on a regular RED Uplink with no OpenVPN and it works as expected.



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