PPTP Client on LAN behinde Endian to Internet?

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PPTP Client on LAN behinde Endian to Internet?

Andre Mueller

Endian 2.5.1 Community Version:


I feel a bit silly - behind an Endian 2.5.1 from the LAN I am not able
to establish successfully a PPTP-client working connection to an
PPTP-server outside on the internet. Outside of the Endian firewall or
from the public internet (eg. iPhone) the PPTP-connection to the
PPTP-Server works correct.

 From behind the Endian firewall on the LAN I am able to connect to the
PPTP-Server, the routes are configured correctly on the client-PC
(standard VPN-Client on MacOSX), but no data traffic is possible
in-between the client-PC and the remote network of the PPTP-server
(neither ping nor any other type of data exchange).

On the Endian firewall the outgoing firewall settings are disabled. Thus
default rules are enabled. By enabling outgoing firewall settings the
default rule for GREEN is : Source=GREEN; Destination=RED;
Service/Protocol=<ANY>; Policy=ALLOW. Therefore no additional rules
should be necessary.

On the firewall live Log I cannot see any related drops. What is wrong?

I would be grateful for any hint. Thanks in advance, Andre

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