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Solution for field "Maximum download size" - help

Luciano Bonifácio
Good night!

I'm using Endian Firewall Community solution 2.52, even with Endian had
some bottlenecks in the network, and activate a feature that solve our
problems: On the Proxy tab in Configuration have the "Maximum download
size" field to restrict the download 10 Mb, the business hours (from 08
hours up to 18 hours).

Perfect, the problem was solved in the broadband. But the issue is that
I'm now on the server after 18:00, and manually remove this restriction.
But I would like to automate this process. How to proceed?

What would be the file that the endian change, because it could generate
a copy of use crontab ... Can someone help me with an intelligent solution?

Thank you,
Luciano Bonifácio
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