no mail after enabling SMTP proxy

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no mail after enabling SMTP proxy

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I'm running EFW after my webserver
The mailserver is MS webserver 2008,  running Kerio mailserver, listing on port 25 for SMTP.
Kerio has several domains receiving mail. No firewall rules on this server.
The endian is 2.5.1,  Kernel

Normaly port 25 is forwarded to my  Mailserver  / kerio. So far everything works fine.

I want Endian to check incoming and outgoing mails for virusses and spam.  When I understand correctly the help file,  port 25should not be forwarded anymore in endian. Instead in the proxy menu the smtp proxy should be enabled.

Green must be transparant,
At the incoming domains  every domain that want to receive mail must be added, and pointed to the ip adres of webserver / kerio.
mail routing is kept blanc
at advanced settings,  the smarthost (our provider)  and port  (25) are added.
If I read correct incoming mail should now be captured by the proxy,  checked for virusses and spam and than forwarded to the correspondening domain.
outgoing is the same way, captured by the proxy, and than sent to the smarthost.

Outgoing seems to work fine, but incoming mail  somehow does not reach the mailserver.
It has to be in the proxy, because when forwarded the port 25 in endian mail is coming trough again, but ofcourse without control from spam and or virusses.

I have no idea where i go wrong,  have i misunderstood the help?  any help would be appreciated.